Drug Delivery Systems: A Review HTML version

Men and medicine are inseparable from times immemorial. Although the physical forms of medication have not
changed dramatically, the attitude of the public toward accepting medicines have changed with the passage of time.
This fact is also reflected in the strategies adopted by the pharmaceutical companies in the field of research. The cost
involved, both in terms of time and money, has made it mandatory for the companies to reconsider their research
focus. In an attempt to reduce the cost of drug development process and advantageously reap the benefits of the
patent regime, drug delivery systems have become an integral part of the said process.
Drug delivery system is a dosage form, containing an element that exhibits temporal and/or spatial control over the
drug release. The ultimate aim of such systems is tailoring of the drug formulation to individual requirements under
the control of pathophysiological or in-vivo conditions rather than in-vitro characteristics.
This field of drug delivery systems is dynamic and extensive. Probably it would need an encyclopedia to cover all
the types of drug delivery systems. The aim of this book is to compile major drug delivery systems and offer a
source of information for all those working in pharmaceutical academia as well as industry.
The book is made available free of charge to all who are interested in the subject for dissemination of knowledge.
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download through a blog.
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A V Gothoskar