Driving the Golf Ball Extraordinary Distances with Fantastic Accuracy HTML version

No, sadly, that isn’t going to happen, and so we’re going to need to take an even deeper look
into your swing itself, what affects it, and how you can improve it.
Let’s start off by breaking down the swing itself into various components. Now, before you
even start to swing the golf club, there’s already some things that you need to consider there:
Your equipment.
Does equipment play a role in your swing? Well, it must, otherwise why would you be lugging
around an entire bag full of golf clubs when you could just carry around one golf club for every
Okay, so you have your equipment, then what? You get yourself into position to take the swing
of course. And there’s yet another thing that affects your swing: Your stance, and body
position, as well as the grip with which you’re holding the golf club.
Great, what comes after that? Well the swing itself naturally, and even that can be divided into
the backswing (where the club is moved backwards), downswing (where the club is brought
down towards the ball), and followthrough (what happens after the club hits the ball).
That wasn’t too hard to follow was it? And look: You’ve managed to identify several key
components that each play a role in your swing itself. Let’s recap, just to make sure we’re on
the same page:
1. Equipment Choices (Clubs, and possibly even Tees)
2. Pre-Swing Positioning (Stance and Grip)
3. Swing (Backswing, Downswing, Followthrough)
Brilliant! You’ve now successfully dissected your swing into various components. Remember
though, what we’re interested in is distance and accuracy, right? Do all of these things affect
distance and accuracy specifically?
Well, as you know, angle and power are what you’re going for, and so, yes, each of these
components plays a role in getting your ball to where you want it to go. Naturally, some parts
are more important than others, but for that really perfect swing, well, you’re going to want
everything to go as smoothly as possible.
As you can imagine though, it isn’t easy to focus on everything, but you needn’t worry too
much. We’re going to be taking things slowly to start off with, and focusing on the really
important parts that need to be focused on.
Progressing through this guide, you’ll be able to glean a far greater understanding of golfing
than you probably thought. And best of all, you shouldn’t have too much trouble following any
of it.