Driving the Golf Ball Extraordinary Distances with Fantastic Accuracy HTML version

Now as you can obviously see, you’re not going to be able to do much about any of those
factors, and so while it is nice to keep them in mind so that you can compensate, it isn’t
something that you should be overly concerned with at this point.
Instead, what you do have control over is the force that you use, but more importantly how
exactly you apply that force to the golf ball.
When you take a swing, it is the point of impact between your golf club and golf ball that is of
crucial importance, because that is absolutely everything about what propels your golf ball
down the fairway.
And there are factors to consider insofar as that goes as well.
Naturally, force plays a role, but you know that sheer power isn’t the answer to everything.
Also, you know that how straight you hit the ball, or rather, the angle at which you hit the ball,
plays a role in the direction.
But did you know that the angle at which you hit the ball plays a role in how far it goes too?
Did you know that the impact was a factor?
Without getting overly into the physics of it all, let us simply say that if you hit a ball straight on,
all of the force that you hit it with is going to be transferred in the direction which you want it
to go, rather than being split up into other directions.
Unfortunately, this leaves you no better off than you were a while ago. Certainly you have a
deeper understanding of the issue at hand, but you still don’t know how exactly to get more
force, and a better angle, into your shot.
Why don’t you try to guess though? If you want to, go ahead, but we’re going to be covering
something that makes things a little bit clearer in the next section.
What it Takes to Get a Better Golf Shot
Seeing as you already know that the one thing which you have control of is your swing itself, it
would be a good idea to start from there. With that in mind, let me ask you this question: What
can you control about your swing?
Know what the answer is? Practically everything.
Of course it isn’t as simple as just wanting to swing perfectly. If it were that easy, then you
could just head over to a golf range, concentrate really hard on swinging well, and things would
just magically fall into place.