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Driving the Golf Ball Extraordinary Distances with
Fantastic Accuracy
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Factors behind the Distance and Accuracy of a Golf Shot
What makes one ball fly further than another? Chances are it would be your first impulse to
answer, “Well, how hard it is hit, of course.”
Okay, so what makes a ball fly straighter, or rather, with greater accuracy? “Well, how straight
it is hit, naturally.”
As you’re about to see, both of these answers aren’t exactly wrong, but they’re not fully right
either. Yes, how hard a golf ball is hit, or to be more specific, how much force propels it, plays a
role in the distance that it ultimate travels.
And yes, how straight a golf ball is hit affects the direction in which the golf ball flies off in.
But does any of that help you?
If you were to go to the driving range, right now, and try a few drives with just these two
answers as your guide, you’ll notice a couple of very annoying things. Basically, you’ll be trying
to hit you ball hard, and straight.
What do you think will happen?
Well, you may get the golf ball to get marginally further, but you’ll probably find that the harder
you try to hit the ball, the less able you are to get it to go straight. And you’ll also find that while
you know that you should be hitting the ball straight, you’re not really entirely sure of how
you’re going to accomplish that.
At the end of the day, you’re probably going to end up feeling tired, and maybe even straining
your muscles from trying over and over again to hit the ball harder.
So what other factors affect the distance which a shot travels, and how accurately it does so?
For starters, there are numerous factors that are really beyond your control (unless you happen
to have some kind of magic powers).
These factors include such things as the wind, temperature, and even the altitude at which
you’re hitting the ball from, and to.