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Drink Air, Stay Fit

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The prevalence of obesity is increasing fast.Our bodies accumulate fat for times of scarcity of food, but it is leading to problems- of high cholesterol, heart diseases, osteoarthritis of the knees and sleep apnoea to state a few. Each 250 grams of fat can provide us energy needed for going one day. A 10 kg extra means enough stock for 40 days.And yet, come meal time and our brain starts receiving messages from the stomach: Fill me! Fill me!!But, filling it with food means further increasing the body fat- which has already become a burden.Fill it, O.K., suggests the author; but with air!Read to learn how.You will have a host of desirable effects on the gastrointestinal flora and elimination of anerobes like the ill famous Helicobacter pylori and Entamoeba Histolytica is possible!


Dr Prakash Chintamani Malshe

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