Dreamweaver 8 Basics HTML version

The first thing you will see when you open Dreamweaver 8 is the new Start page. This page
provides quick access to most of the commands you need to get started with Dreamweaver.
Begin by choosing "HTML". This will bring up a blank page in either Design view, Code view,
or Split view--depending upon the preferences that were set. You can easily switch between
views by clicking the "Code", "Split", or "Design" buttons in the objects toolbar. The example
below shows the Design View.
B. Save Your File
Save a new copy of your page in the folder that you created as "home.html" by clicking on the
"File" menu and "Save As" option. Save frequently to prevent loss of data.
C. Give Your Page A Title
The title of your web page is the title that shows up in the title bar of the Web browser when
someone opens your page. This title is very important as it is used to bookmark the page in
Bookmarks (Netscape) or Favorites (Internet Explorer). Some search engines also use it to
list your page.
1. Type "Elephant Press" for the title of your page in the top menu bar. You may also go to
the "Modify" menu and select "Page Properties". In the Page Properties Window that opens
select "Title/Encoding" from the category pane and type "Elephant Press" in the title blank.
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