Dreamweaver 8 Basics HTML version

4. Enter mailto:youremail@youraddress in the Action box.
5. Leave the method as POST.
6. Type text/plain in the Enctype box.
B. Form Objects
When choosing "Form" from the Insert menu, several "form object" choices are available
other than the generic "form" choice. They are as follows:
1. Text Field - for entering text
2. Textarea - provides a space of set dimensions in which the user may input data
3. Button - for the submit or reset buttons
4. Checkbox - for when there is more than one selection possible
5. Radio Button - for when there can be only one item selected
6. List/Menu - for when there is a list of items to select from
7. File Field - for allowing a users to browse for file on their computers and upload the file
as form data
8. Image Field - for making graphical buttons
9. Hidden Field - stores information entered for use in later visits to the site
10. Radio Group - lets you dynamically pre-select a radio button within a group of buttons
when the page is displayed, or when a record is displayed within the HTML form
11. Jump Menu - a popup menu for linking to documents, files, or other pages/sites
12. Fieldset - a container tag for a logical group of form elements
13. Label - provides a way to structurally associate the text label for a field with the field
C. Insert a Text Field
Click on the Insert menu
1. Click on Form.
2. Click on Text Field. This will place a text field in your form.
Note The Input Tag Accessibility Window may appear prior to inserting your form
object. In this window, accessibilty options can be made. Screen readers will be able
to read the label attribute. For our purposes while building this form, we will leave the
Input Tag Accessibility Attributes as is and click OK.
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