Dreamweaver 8 Basics HTML version

I. Adding Anchor Links To Your Page
An anchor link is a hypertext link that takes you to another spot on the same web page
instead of to another page or another web site. The "Back To Top" link is a common example
of an anchor link that allows a person to jump back to the top of a web page without scrolling.
For web pages that contain long passages of text information, the anchor link is a great way
to allow your viewer to get quickly back and forth on the page without having to scroll for
Create a table.
1. Place the cursor below the ordered list on your page.
2. Insert a table with three (3) rows and two (2) columns.
3. Set the table border at 6.
4. Click OK.
5. Type in a name for the table in the Property Inspector.
6. Choose a border color that compliments the cell colors you chose earlier.
7. Type Breeding in the Wild in the first row.
8. Type Feeding in the Wild in the second row.
9. Type Endangered? in the third row.
10. Change the vertical alignment in each cell to "top".
11. Change the horizontal alignment in the first cell of each row to "center".
Create a place to jump to (The Name Anchor)
1. Place the cursor at the beginning of Breeding in the Wild in the first row.
2. Click on the Named Anchor object in the Common Objects Toolbar.
3. Type in breeding in the Anchor Name: box.
4. Click the OK button. The anchor icon is now next to Breeding in the Wild.
5. Repeat steps 2a through e above with the rows two and three of the table.
Name the anchors "feeding" and "endangered".
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