Dreamweaver 8 Basics HTML version

3. Select the file name in the Background Image: box.
4. Press Delete on the keyboard.
5. Click the OK button
D. Remove Contents From The Content Area Cell Of The table
1. Select all of the content area except the courtesy section at the bottom of the cell.
2. Press Delete on the keyboard.
3. Leave the Heading across the top and the Navigation down the left side for consistent
design layout and navigation that makes for a good Web site.
E. Add Background Color To The Table Cells
1. Click in the top (first) cell of the table.
2. Click on the Bg box (background color for cell) in the Property Inspector.
3. Choose a color for that cell.
4. Click in the navigation cell.
5. Click on the Bg box in the Property Inspector.
6. Choose a complimentary color for that cell.
7. Leave the content area cell white. Your content (usually the most important part of
your page) needs to be readable. Background color tends to "drown out" text heavy
F. Add New Content
1. Type in a new heading for the content area. For example: Elephants Going Wild.
2. Format the heading the same way you did on the first page.
3. Insert a horizontal rule under the heading.
4. Add content that explains the purpose of this page. Remember this is not the home
page so you will want to briefly explain what this page is about, whom it is for, and
what can be found there. As part of the content we will be including lists, anchor links
and a table.
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