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The restaurant was almost empty. Just a few couples having a late dinner. I really liked
the decor here. I would be back again, I’m sure. I was smiling to myself and
eavesdropping on the conversations some of the other couples were having.
I felt like someone was watching me, so I was searching for who it could be. Something
caught my eye from the corner of the restaurant. There was a booth with one person
seated. First I saw his arm laying across the table. As my eyes went up the arm, I saw a
blue checkered shirt sleeve. My breath caught for some unknown reason. My eyes travel
up the shirt arm to a very broad shoulder. I thought to myself, wow, I could lay my head
there, on that shoulder and feel. What? My mind was doing tricks with me . Why was I
staring so intensely. Then I continue up to see his ear. Oh, I could nibble there for a while.
Here I go again. Shit, what was happening to my brain. It was turning to jelly and I
smiled. Then I took a chance and look at his face. He was looking right at me. He was
smiling, a very sensuous broad smile too. Very cocky!, I thought, must be full of self
confidence. I looked into his eyes, dark coal, sparkles, then I completely melted. I feel
strange erotic sensations deep inside me. The hair on my neck stands up. I can feel the
goose pimples grow on my skin. I felt like I lost total control. I couldn’t move my feet, I
couldn’t turn away. He just kept smiling at me like he knew what I was thinking. Get
your shit together girl!
Paul grabs my arm then bringing me back to reality. I blink a few times and look away.
The hold breaks and I gain my senses. Paul is in a hurry then to leave. He talking but I am
not listening. I’m trying to figure out what just happen to me. He leads me to the door,
grabbing my coat, Paul helps me put it on. While he is putting his coat on I take the
chance to look again at the stranger in the corner.
He’s gone.