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Meeting Ben
Chapter One-First Meet
By Claire Potter
Another boring date, Can I pick em! Why I am attracted to these self righteous men. Its
all about them and what they have. I have a BMW, I have a Condo on the beach, I make
100 thousand a year. Baby, I can give you the moon, whatever you want, just be mine.
Only mine, Amelia. Yeah, and the minute you say yes, you end up a kept women, doing
nothing but beauty shop, shopping for the most expensive panties to wear. You spend you
days seeing how many botox injections and , boob implants you can have, thinking it
make you look better, prettier. How many uplifts can I get in a year. Why can’t men just
except women they way god or goddess made us. I have never wanted to be eye candy
for any man. Materials things have never really matter to me. I would go into a second
hand shop any day over those big mall department stores and get lots more and be
Well This date is about over with, Thank God, Paul is so sweet and attentive, but I am
just not into the whole, I can give you the world thingy. Don’t get me wrong, Paul is a
very attracted man. Dark hair, clean shaven and smells like Stetson cologne.
Dinner was good, Italian, being my favorite, he can pick great restaurants. My pepperoni
spaghetti is excellent. The bread is nice a crusty on the outside and soft , melt in your
mouth on the inside. Better than sex, no but real damn close.
Speaking of sex, With Paul its easy. He likes me in control. I could do whatever I want
with him. Bondage, Missionary. little S and M, biting- that what he likes. He use to be my
sub. Yes, I’m a Dom, I get off with a little pain. Giving not receiving. No sex with him
while he was my sub. That is my rule. I would go almost to that point but not quite.
Sweet eroticism to the point of climax, but no penetration. He was my best sub, so
responsive. I let him stay around after he decide to leave. He fell in love, that’s what he
says and that is a big no no. You are suppose to enjoy the role play for the thrill of play,
organism, the better than sex only, and then walk away.
I always have like the power it gives me. To be a women and be in control of a man. The
best orgasm there is for a women. How did I get to this point? Well, that’s another story.
I guess I owe him one more night, then a sweet goodbye again, till next time he’s in town.
He paid for our dinner, flirting a little with the waitress, that’s my Paul!, It makes me
smile a little. He has grown so much. I guess all those lessons helped him. I walked away,
giving him so privacy with her.
Maybe he would get lucky tonight and I would be off the hook.