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“Dream” occurs sometime in the near future. It may be considered science fiction writing. It is possible that some informed people will consider what is said here to be outdated. Behavior can be controlled, and this is mentioned in this text. Maybe the methods here described won’t be used. We will see?

“Hu said nothing, yet again. He was almost a professional mute, because he wasn’t mute, he just assumed a lack of voice, just as he had assumed a lack of own ideas. Gustavo and Booze-Bottle also belonged to an immense legion of people who only had a voice amongst their peers, they were “mutes” to everyone else. Gustavo thought about the silliness of this situation. How many “mutes” were there in this world?”

To all my readers, my Thanks.

Carlos Mota.

(This book was published in Portuguese as: Mota C, Sonho, Junho de 2006. Papiro Editora, Porto, Portugal. ISBN: 972891673-6.)