Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

Practice this way was tedious, since he didn't have the stance or the use of his hands to
help him, but he was getting the hang of it.
Slowly, a plan formed in his mind. If he used this cleaner type of energy to make a
shape on the inside, and applied the rotations of an air-based sphere from the outside, this
two-tiered containment would allow him to push more fire into the spell. But how could
he access the regular fire if he pushed it all through the staff? I would have to learn to get
this energy without the staff.
Or... oh, I'm a genius! I could push energy both through the staff and around it! The
fire passing through the staff would be clearer, while the fire travelling around it would
be unfiltered and he could externalize the bulk of it without resistance.
He let the idea of the spell crystallize in his mind, until each detail fell into place.
It should work... It will work!
Eric extended the staff away from him, paused for a moment in deliberation, and let
the spell fly. Flames blazed along the staff, and a powerful turbulence whipped them into
shape at the end of the staff. It wasn't yet a fireball, but it was fire, and it was a ball, more
or less, violently spiraling around in many directions. Eric's concentration skipped out on
one detail, then another - and the flames burst out in a display of fireworks.
Yes! I'll have to work on the compression... but it works!
"Did you see what I just did?"
Rose smiled briefly and gave him a quiet thumbs-up.
"I used two-fold containment. It's not yet perfect, but maybe next I will..."
"Shh." Rose was more interested in what was going on to her left, as she was
eavesdropping on the conversation between Lucy and Maeve.
Eric moved closer.
"...can play as long as they don't disturb others who are practicing. Keep an eye on the
item piles, and if someone wants to leave, collect their practice wands. Got it?"
"Yes," Lucy said.
"Good... I'll be back soon. I feel it in my bones, Joe's up to something and he didn't tell
me. And if he is, I'll beat the ever-loving poop out of him. I have too much to worry
about as it is."