Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

Kyle rolled his eyes and patted Lyle on the head. Lyle promptly patted him back, and
the two started throwing light, but fast punches towards one another.
"Boys! Boys. I have a mission for you." When the jabs stopped, she continued. "I need
someone to show Eric around and help him find a few friends. Are you up to the task?"
Kyle nodded. "Sure. Do we get stickers?"
"Yes-yes, stickers please Annie teacher!" Lyle interjected at once.
"All right. You'll get a sticker each, but you'll have to do an excellent job!"
Kyle and Lyle nodded vigorously in agreement.
Annie reached into her pocket, took out two stickers and handed them over. "I almost
forgot," she searched her pocket, took out a book and offered it to Eric. "This is for you."
Eric took the book and examined it. The leathery cover felt pleasant to the touch. The
words 'Dreamer's Handbook' were written with big letters on the front cover.
"Thank you. What is this?"
"Well, it's a book. A good one. You can look things up if you don't understand
something, or you can just read it from beginning to end if you're the studious kind. Just
keep it on yourself; you never know when it comes in handy. You can make it fit into any
small pocket - Kyle and Lyle will show you how if needed. Are you all ready to go?"
They nodded.
Annie patted Duke, "Take good care of them, okay?"
Duke inclined his head slightly and closed his eyes for a moment longer than usual.
"Off you go! Have fun!"
The three of them slowly climbed on top of Duke. The dog grew to the size of a small
horse, alleviating Eric's worries for its well-being. Eric waved goodbye to Annie, and
firmly grabbed onto the white fur as Duke started running towards the Playground.