Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

Eric caught the ball with one hand, and it immediately pulled him down. It felt like
metal, looked like metal, smelled like metal. He used both hands for support and lobbed
the thing to Lucy.
Lucy passed it to Rose, who passed it to Annie again.
"Neat, huh? Also not very useful, unless you have great hand strength or a cannon to
go along with it. Practical earth magic is about creating forms that are stable in some
directions and unstable in others, so the mage may control through the path of least
resistance. The earth element is well suited as a component in complex spells, but the
spells of other elements can be easier to use and more directly appliable in simpler
situations. Especially in air-based realms."
"Can you make it heavier?" Eric asked.
"I can compound more mass, yes."
"How heavy can you make it?"
"I dunno, let's see."
Annie tossed the ball up and it remained floating above her hand. Its surface turned
liquid and began pulsating once more.
Giant, barely perceptible magic spheres faded in from seemingly everywhere; the
rotating edges came from the sky and the horizon, passed through Eric and the others,
and now strong, sunk beneath the surface of the metallic liquid. One after the other, the
whole world seemed to be pulsing only to shrink and bombard the space above Annie's
"I'm approaching my limit. The awareness differential between this form and its
background is diminishing - I can't push it much further."
There was a sound too: a hissing, high-pitched sound. Eric couldn't see the ball
anymore; there was only the world shining light into Annie's hand and the darkness
which swallowed it. That spherical darkness somehow broke space around it, grew, and
began twirling into itself.
"Oh shit oh shit," Annie's mouth was moving fast, but the sound took a long time to
reach Eric's ears.
Eric felt nauseous. He looked at his hands: they were elongated and putty-like, waving
and being drawn spirally towards the black hole. His head ached like someone dropped a
brick on it.
"I lost control... Get back! Run!" Annie yelled.