Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

There was too much movement and speed in the airball for Eric to comprehend it fully.
He focused on the parts of it that he understood, kept it from falling apart, and passed it
on as soon as he could.
"What if someone works against us?" Rose asked.
"In that case, the push and pull becomes a battle of minds. It can be very hard to claim
control over a hostile spell. Dispelling it by exploiting the structure of the spell is easier.
At least one dispel ritual should be part of your arsenal, but master the basics first and
worry about the rest later."
The waterball was next on the menu. When Lucy pitched, it seemed to Eric like
moving stillness; translucent and ethereal. However, when he had to catch, it just shifted
around his hand before slipping away and splattering on the ground.
After several tries, he came up with a trick: he imagined catching and throwing,
catching and throwing, and so on many times as the ball of water flew towards him. It
was a strange feeling, like when a raindrop shatters into even smaller drops: each
reflecting light similarly, but separately. Despite the strangeness, it worked, and Eric
managed to pass the ball on without splattering.
Kyle and Lyle had no such insight, and the waterball splashed on their hands every
single time. They grew increasingly restless and began deliberately hitting it, aiming for
the splatter to soak someone else.
"That will be enough. I think we covered the basics," Mr. Smith said. "We also trained
a lot, and as far as I'm concerned, the class is finished. How do you feel about
"If we could-"
A resounding "NO!" from the rest of the group drowned Lucy's voice out.