Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

foot; he reached to pick it up. My boxers! Eric was stark naked - and embarrassed. He
fumbled to put his shorts back on right away.
Thankfully, Maeve made no comment.
"Did I fail? How did I get out the water?"
"No, you didn't fail." She laughed. "Did you get out of the water, or did the water get
out of you? You have withdrawn from each other - how else could we enjoy this beautiful
Compared to before, Eric felt like his will waved back and resynced, reverberating
from the edges of his form. Or perhaps he was just more secure in his identity with his
boxer shorts back on.
It was a long day...
Absent-mindedly, Eric reached for a flat stone and threw it horizontally towards the
lake. It skipped about a dozen times before it submerged.