Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

"What the hell was that?!" Lucy cried out, obviously startled.
"Well, that was fun! In a scary way," Rose remarked cheerfully.
"Don't worry, such restlessness is common. That's what you get when you have too
much fire," Master Joe said.
Eric felt... flat. The vertigo passed, but there was still a lingering emotion of being not
quite here. It was a strange experience, and Eric was processing it.
"Fun? How could that be fun?" Lucy asked Rose.
"What are you talking about? How was it not fun? Didn't you find it interesting?"
"Hmpf." Lucy crossed her arms. "You're an adrenaline junkie!"
"Well then, you're a comfort-zone hugger!"
"What does that even mean?"
Master Joe held up his hand. "I'm happy to see you girls feeling better already, but if
there's going to be any yelling here, I'll be the one doing it... All in all, it went better than
I expected. I guess you won't need any tweaking from the earth side, but let me just
Master Joe lowered his arms and closed his eyes.
Eric's feeling of not quite being here faded away, and slowly turned into a feeling of
being grounded; of being himself and also being part of something. It intensified, and
turned into a feeling of being inside himself, a pressuring, claustrophobic sensation that
made a ringing noise in his ears.
"Oops, I overdid it, let's just back up a little bit."
The pressure on his psyche receded and Eric was back to feeling grounded.
"Is that it? Are we done?"
"That's it from me, but you're not done yet," Master Joe said. "I'm shipping you off to
Maeve for the quenching part. Listen to her, and try not to vex her too much - she's scary
when she's angry!"