Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

Chapter 1 - Introduction
A mage turns dream into vision.
- Awakenings, Dreamer's Handbook
Eric was running. Not this nightmare again, he thought.
He was gazing ahead, his eyes seeing only the path where his next two or three steps
would land. The surroundings were nothing but a colorless blur he was running through.
His mind worked frenetically to see not what was ahead, but what was behind: two
goblins half his height trying to catch up to him. Eric could very clearly see in his mind
the dark green skin and the multitude of those pointy, crooked teeth. They were swinging
small clubs made from hard wood, the smoothness of which was most likely forged by a
lot of clobbering action. Eric could not stop envisioning the jagged teeth and burnished
weapons, since he was constantly hearing a grinding and munching "rawbrawrawrblr"
sound coming from behind - a sound similar to that of a hungry dog attacking a bare
I hate this nightmare. I hate it hate it hate it! This is the sixth time already.
Eric tried to increase his pace, reasoning that short goblin legs should be no match for
an energetic, young boy. When he sprinted ahead, the ground became muddy and his
rapid steps sluggish. The rambling sound became more distant just for a moment, then
returned with the same intensity. With a feeling of resignation, Eric resumed his normal
pace and the ground was solid again.
This is my dream! I should be able to dream whatever I want, not these stupid
Still running forward, Eric tried to push the thoughts of failure out of his mind. There
was a kind of calming rhythm to making one step after the other, but the grinding sound
intruded each time he tried to let the pace soothe his feelings. The dread he was hearing
was also the dread he was feeling. His whole body was tense, but the knot in his stomach
was the worst.
Why can't I do something?!
A new feeling was growing alongside the fear: anger. Eric was angry not at the
goblins, but at himself. I'm weak, I'm pitiful. He felt the anger stir up inside him,
displacing some of the fear. He instinctively knew that this is something he could use,
and tried to intensify it.