Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

"I was very scared at first... but then I realized it has nothing to do with being afraid. If
I want to fly, I have to jump. Simple logic," Lucy said.
"I'm very proud of all of you," Annie lauded. "Everyone deals with the fear in their
own way, and you didn't let it rule you."
"Did everyone make it in our class?" Rose asked.
Annie's smile faded away. "Sadly, no. Four students quit this time, out of the eighteen.
Hopefully they'll try again later, either in class or on their own," she shrugged. "Flying is
my most popular class, the turnout is great, but I can't get everyone to fly. I used to
explain everything beforehand, but it confused and scared my pupils even more. At least
my success rate is substantially higher with this method. In the end, it's up to each person
to take the leap." Annie sighed. "I would gladly take it instead of them - but I can't."
Rose put her hand around Annie's waist and snuggled. "I think you're a great teacher.
You did what you could."
"Thanks, that's what I keep telling myself." Annie's smile returned. "Do you have any
other questions? I don't have anything else planned for this class; you're free to go if you
"I have a question," Lucy said. "What is that boy doing?"
Eric looked to where Lucy pointed. He saw a small boy in a square-patterned shirt
jumping down the cliff, and then flying back along the exact same path as he fell. Eric
observed the little boy doing this several times in succession.
"Which one? Ah, I see who you mean." Annie smirked. "It's a rudimentary time-travel
method some kids subconsciously use. He doesn't notice the flying back part; that's only
visible to us. I bet he plays a lot of video games. You know, with extra lives and save
points? It's an elegant solution to the 'awareness to ego-image' recreation problem, but it
may have complications of its own."
A look of worry appeared on Annie's face. "In fact, I better go check on him and make
sure he doesn't glitch into a loop... See you guys later! Have fun!"