Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

decent-sized ball for almost eight seconds before losing concentration. She was taking
longer breaks between attempts too.
Eric sighed. Making one is easy, but keeping it from falling apart is damn hard!
Frustration, rather than exhaustion, was his main enemy.
Eric composed himself and gave it yet another try. A magical sphere grew in his hands,
withered down to only several light blue circles, became a full sphere for a short moment,
wavered, became a sphere again, and disappeared as his concentration ran out. Again!
It wasn't long before one of them snapped and gave up - it happened to be Kyle. He
held up one of his short-lived spheres and hurled it at Lyle. The sphere dissolved about
halfway, but Lyle didn't need any further encouragement: he threw one right back at his
Eric observed the shadowboxing of the fledgling mages for a while, and an idea hit
him with full force. I got it! I got it! He made a small sphere, and quickly started
bouncing it from one hand to the other. The sphere was wobbling, but it did not
disappear. "Look! This is working." As his back-and-forth throwing motion became less
crude, the trembling steadied as well. Oh, I'm a genius!
Eventually the throwing distance diminished, and the magical sphere floated steadily
above Eric's hand.
"There!" Eric exclaimed as he lifted his hand. "Just imagine you're rolling around a
marble in a bowl!"
"Sphere in sphere, motion in motion," Lucy murmured under her breath as she reached
for her notebook.
The others immediately started bouncing from one hand to the other. As soon as Lyle
replicated Eric's success he threw the sphere at Kyle, which ruffled his hair slightly.
Eric felt a sense of achievement. It wasn't a trick; I did real magic. They cheered each
other on, and there was jubilant clamor when all of them succeeded.
The mood became more relaxed and elated for the rest of the evening, but they called it
a night soon after. Eric, believing he was on a roll, had the bright idea to combine their
spheres and make a huge one.
When they did manage to make a huge ball, it promptly fell into the fire and
extinguished it with a shush.