Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

"Remember when I told you that some feelings are so strong they can become places?
Well, they can become animals too," Annie said.
"Kyle and Lyle will get green with envy when we tell them," Lucy mused.
"That's what they get for not coming to classes," Eric said. "Besides, they would find
another, throw a lasso around it and ride it like the little cowboys they are."
Rose and Lucy smirked.
"Would you please take it home? I found it not too far from here, must've wandered
off," Maeve asked Annie.
"Of course, it would be our privilege," Annie said.
Maeve nodded. "One less thing to worry about. Travel from where we are now straight
to the Playground. After you reach the Playground, keep going in the same direction until
it gets too bright. The unicorn will find its way from there; just don't let any of your kids
go farther beyond. Can you handle it?"
"Yes," Annie said.
Annie gently patted the unicorn along with the others, and let her hand rest. "Come on
everyone, let's take it home! Put one hand on top of mine... we'll take a shortcut."