Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

"The elves were supposedly wiped out when their realms collapsed in the Elven
Cataclysm," Lucy explained, whispering.
"He most likely wore plain clothes befitting a nature-loving elf," Annie muttered.
"Shh, I'm telling the story here!"
"So there was this elven warrior in shiny armor, which made the sun shine in the sky,
rescuing me. He reached down from his beautiful horse, offered his hand, and pulled me
up. He had the most gorgeous eyes. He asked me with a deep, singing voice: 'Are you all
"Yeah. Speechless, I nodded. By the time I dusted off my clothes, he was gone,
galloping into the sunset," Ashley gestured into the distance.
"I wasn't bothered by zombies after that, but when I got back, nobody believed me! I
was told that the few elves who survived the obliteration of their realms were only shells
of their former selves. But he wasn't! And nobody believed me."
"I believe you," Annie put her arm around Ashley. "Mostly."
"Will you tell another story?" A student asked.
Ashley shook her head. "I'll go back to the Outpost soon, and I have stuff to take care
of before I do."
"Oh, not yet you don't," Annie said. "Come, tell me more about this elven prince of
yours in private. Class dismissed!"
Elfs, zwölfs... Eric frowned. Despite never having seen an elf, he was now sure he
didn't like them. Especially the ones in shiny armor.