Dream Magic: Awakenings HTML version

"We can't let our tribes and realms be overrun by human hubris!" He exploded, and it
took him several seconds to calm down enough to continue. He clawed on his staff with
one finger. "...why should we trust you?"
"Do you see here any of the nightmares that encroach on your realms? Haven't our
children proven to you their courage in battle? Our causes align. Reach out to tribes
beyond the twelve; we have good relations with many of them. I am known among them
as 'crazy old human'; listen to their words if you don't trust mine."
It's a name, not just a description. Interesting. It sounded something like xernog, and
Eric was pretty sure the term was a slur for 'human', but not without a degree of respect.
The goblin was taken aback and silent. "I have heard of Sern Bog. I thought he lived
only in our legends."
There was a murmur after Gorak stepped back to discuss with the other elders. They
didn't deliberate long.
"If you are who you say you are - and based on the performance of your troops, we are
inclined to believe you - you and your envoys will be welcomed as guests in our homes.
We expect your visit to be soon. Until the time we had the chance to hear your advice, we
shall suspend the activities of the war council. We leave now."
Master Joe nodded.
Eric watched as the goblins retreated. The handlers led the golems through the portal
first, who were followed by the war council, and the warriors standing guard marched
through last.
"That's it? Wasn't much of a spectacle. We still have leftover popcorn," Eric said. I
guess I hoped for a bit more action... but we had enough action for today.
"I'm almost sad to see them leave," Rose said.