Dracula HTML version

"Then he spoke to me mockingly, `And so you, like the others, would play your brains
against mine. You would help these men to hunt me and frustrate me in my design! You
know now, and they know in part already, and will know in full before long, what it is to
cross my path. They should have kept their energies for use closer to home. Whilst they
played wits against me, against me who commanded nations, and intrigued for them,
and fought for them, hundreds of years before they were born, I was countermining
them. And you, their best beloved one, are now to me, flesh of my flesh, blood of my
blood, kin of my kin, my bountiful wine-press for a while, and shall be later on my
companion and my helper. You shall be avenged in turn, for not one of them but shall
minister to your needs. But as yet you are to be punished for what you have done. You
have aided in thwarting me. Now you shall come to my call. When my brain says
"Come!" to you, you shall cross land or sea to do my bidding. And to that end this!'
With that he pulled open his shirt, and with his long sharp nails opened a vein in his
breast. When the blood began to spurt out, he took my hands in one of his, holding
them tight, and with the other seized my neck and pressed my mouth to the wound, so
that I must either suffocate or swallow some to the. . .Oh, my God! My God! What have I
done? What have I done to deserve such a fate, I who have tried to walk in meekness
and righteousness all my days. God pity me! Look down on a poor soul in worse than
mortal peril. And in mercy pity those to whom she is dear!" Then she began to rub her
lips as though to cleanse them from pollution.
As she was telling her terrible story, the eastern sky began to quicken, and everything
became more and more clear. Harker was still and quiet. But over his face, as the awful
narrative went on, came a grey look which deepened and deepened in the morning
light, till when the first red streak of the coming dawn shot up, the flesh stood darkly out
against the whitening hair.
We have arranged that one of us is to stay within call of the unhappy pair till we can
meet together and arrange about taking action.
Of this I am sure. The sun rises today on no more miserable house in all the great
round of its daily course.