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Chapter 1


Every year, countless Americans contribute billions of dollars to their respective state lottery. Are you guilty of buying quick picks and hoping the odds will play out in your favor? Better yet, are you one of the millions who could care less about the odds and rely solely on blind faith or luck?

What if I told you there was a way to gain an edge over the lottery, a simple and effective method that will reduce the numbers in the lottery pool by a process of elimination? This process taps into a subtle energy that interfaces with higher nonphysical dimensions; this energy is everywhere and waiting to be utilized.

Eastern Indian culture refers to this energy as prana, while the Chinese call it chi or qi. The human nervous system is the only known “hardware” capable of interacting with this vital energy.

There is more to our reality than we know. Occasional and unexplained occurrences continue tointrigueandbaffleus.Mainstreamscience,orat least the majority, does not have an answer other than to ignore it all. Phenomena like intuitiveness and precognition, these experiences affect peoples lives on a daily basis and yet they still continue to fall on deaf ears, simply because they fail to meet the criteria outlined in the scientific method.

As a result, the scientific paradigm must dis - count the numerous claims put forth by honest people and suggest that paranormal phenomena are either not real or yet to be explained. The question then arises, “Will science ever explain such phenomena if no one is there to do the research?”

Likewise, if we take heed in assuming that science is an over all authority in choosing what is real and what is not real, then one begs the question, “If science chooses to ignore paranormal phenomena, does this mean the phenomena must not exist?”

In defending the current scientific model, I can see why the paranormal is so often ignored and discounted. For centuries, charlatans, deceivers, and con artists have easily and successfully capitalized on paranormal beliefs, swindling helpless believers with theatrics and parlor tricks. Gypsies who had no business telling fortunes would end up stealing fortunes from honest people. The mistrust, the lies, and deceits outweighed the honest few with real psychic abilities.

But I say again, does this mean that the phenomena do not exist?

Ninety percent of the world’s population believes in a God and life after death. Is this not placing one’s destiny in the hands of a paranormal belief system that has yet to be proven by science? If the world can believe in God, then why is it so hard to believe in simpler things like psychic ability, especially when proof permeates our lives on a daily basis?

How often have you heard the phone ring and immediately known who it was before answering it? Have you ever had thoughts about a person whom you haven’t seen in years, only to run into them a couple of days later? Have you ever encountered a deceased relative in an abnormally vivid dream? These examples are all paranormal and they happen to us all the time. Ironically, most of us never think twice about them.

This is Your Path

This is your path; consider life for just one moment. What exactly is it that puts us here on this planet? Here we are, living, breathing, and thinking beings. We go on asking questions about who we are, why we are here, and how to best go about tackling this thing called life. The universe is no accident; it is too perfect and too mysterious to have happened by chance. Too many questions make it safe to say that we do not, nor will we ever, completely understand our reasons for living in this physical plane until we are no longer physical.

There are two roads you can travel. Before I move on, I suggest you think about the next two paragraphs, as they will determine your ability to work with this method.

If you believe that life has a purpose, that we are all here for one reason or another, that we all have lessons to learn, both easy and hard, then you will most likely benefit from this method.

On the other hand, if you are a solid skeptic and you have problems approaching things with an open mind, especially when it comes to paranormal phenomena, then this process will be more difficult for you. This process is greatly influ- enced by your attitude and hindered by negativity and doubt.

What to Expect

The proposed theories and ideas in this guide will be difficult to believe for some. I, too, was skeptical at first. It took personal experience and multiple validations on many fronts for it to all sink in. The beauty of this whole experiment is that you get to validate your experiences with each lottery drawing you participate in.

Now I have not won the jackpot as of this writing but I have won money. I have had much success in purposely picking the California SuperLOTTO Plus mega number multiple times in a row. Ihavemanagedtopickthreeoutoffivenumbers,not counting the mega number, with this method. This method is not foolproof; perhaps you have what it takes to make it foolproof.

This guide is not meant to guarantee you a winning lottery ticket, nor will you pick winning lottery numbers with every draw. This guide simply offers you an alternative approach to playing the lottery while proposing an interesting perspective on life.

I am not writing science fiction; everything I have written about in this guide I have experienced personally. I offer this method as a process that you, the reader, can learn to work with and, hopefully, refine and make better. I do not claim to have all the answers, although I do have an idea that shows much potential.

All that I ask is that you read this guide with an open mind and attempt a dowsing session or two. I am fairly certain that you, too, will find an inter- esting peculiar similarity between your picks and the winning numbers.

How does this all work? In case you are unfamiliar with dowsing, Chapter three will introduce you to the process, along with techniques for using a pendulum.

In order to dowse successfully, you must first come to understand the basic principles behind the method. My intentions are to help instill confi- dence through understanding. Confidence equates to positive energy and positive energy is perhaps the most important ingredient in this recipe.

If you do not understand the motivating factors behind this method and you dive in blindly, you’ll probably do poorly while leaving yourself vulnerable to negative influences (more about that later). You will be clouded with questions as to why this even works; you’ll ask yourself why you’re wasting your time. As a result, your mind will be filled with self-doubt, leaving you no faith in the process. THIS WILL DEFEAT ANY CHANCES OF SUCCESS.

Thoughts are like energy. The same plane of existence that we use to obtain information regarding the lottery is also influenced by our thoughts, both positive and negative. Negative thoughts prevent the subconscious from doing its job and that’s properly retrieving lottery information from our nonphysical component.

The Six-Step Process Most states play the same lottery game twice a week. For example, the California SuperLOTTO Plus drawing is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is best to start out concentrating on one drawing per week. I suggest you also conduct two dowsing sessions per lottery drawing at a minimum.

The process of dowsing the lottery is as follows:


1. Prepare a location for dowsing and create dowsing worksheets.

2. Meditate for thirty minutes to an hour or more to calm your mind. This will calm your conscious mind and allow for unobstructed information retrieval via your nonphysical component.

3. Begin by dowsing the mega number ( provided your lottery uses a mega number or a number similar to a mega number). Through a process of elimination, you will effectively remove a large percentage of the lottery pool.

4. Dowse the first five picks the same way the mega number is dowsed.

5. Create a new pool of numbers from your dowsing sessions and select your numbers. Purchase your lottery ticket.

6. After the weekly lottery drawing, close the session by reviewing your picks with the actual winning lottery numbers. This process is important because you consciously bring closure to the session by purposely cutting off the attachment you had while working the session.