Dowsing the Lottery HTML version

Welcome to Dowsing the Lottery. First off, let
me start out by saying that dowsing the lottery is
real! With this method, you may effectively cut the
numbers of any given lottery system by at least if-
ty percent. You can potentially increase your odds
exponentially and gain an edge over conventional
methods. With time and practice, your intuitive
abilities will increase and your ability to success-
fully pick winning lottery numbers will become
more apparent. As a result, you could potentially
win a lot of money with this method.
This method is esoteric in nature and relies on
retrieving information via psi functioning. Psi func-
tioning is a real talent, like any other talent. While
it is apparent that some of us are born with a high-
er degree of natural ability, such as it is with any
other talent, it is important to emphasize that we
all have some ability to some degree. It is impor-
tant to understand that time, practice, and dedica-
tion is necessary to achieve positive results. And
just as it is with any other talent, some will have
greater success in shorter periods of time than
others. The best way to achieve positive results
and make effective use of your time is to follow
the guidelines outlined in this procedure and take
every aspect seriously.
This guide is meant to enlighten and provide
the necessary foundation to carry out the dows-
ing process. This guide should be read from