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Now, at some point the ownership of those domains is going to
expire. If you snap up those domains once they come back onto the
market, you’ve got a pre-built stream of customers. You can either
rebuild the site, or redirect the traffic to your domain.
It’s that easy. In fact, websites like
actually do all the legwork and let you reap all the rewards.
Do be careful when using other sites though. There are some
swindlers out there that will sell you subscriptions, provide you with
outdated lists, take your money and keep the good domains for
themselves. It happens, and there’s little point in taking a risk with
other companies when does such a great job.
1.8 The Host
Let’s start where the Internet starts: with a host. A host is a
server that provides a home for your website on the World Wide Web.
Just as your computer contains all your files, so a host contains all the
files needed to run your website. Why can’t you just keep all those
files on your own computer? Because that would mean visitors would
have to connect directly to your computer to see your website and
that’s not a good idea. It wouldn’t be secure and it would make your
machine run like a tired snail. With a host, you can simply upload
everything you need to the server and your users can then connect
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