Dotcomology HTML version

1.5 Graphics
Your site has to be aesthetically attractive with visually appealing
organization and enticing images. Fashions change fast on the
Internet, so when you come to choose a designer, make sure you take
a good look at their portfolio. You want the user to just glance at your
homepage and understand immediately who you are and what you can
do for them.
1.6 Web Copy
Your website content should convince visitors that your service is
either unique or superior to that of your competitors in terms of
quality, and is competitively priced. It should show your potential
clients that you can provide the solution they are seeking. Your
product or service will solve their problems, answer a dream, enrich
their lives, and/or improve their businesses. You are the dependable
expert that they want and need!
Your website copy plays a major role in establishing and growing
your customer base. Website copy creates the “voice” of a company,
just as the look and feel of a site put a “face” on the company and on
otherwise intangible products and services. On an ecommerce site, the
copy plays a key role in closing sales as well as in up-selling and cross-
selling products and services. Good website copy delights first-time
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