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30+ Free Tools and Software Programs to Help You Succeed

Over the years, I’ve discovered many FREE tools and software programs that can help you grow your business. If your funds are low (or even if you’ve got a big budget to spend), start with this list of FREE tools and software programs to get your business off the ground. Most of the tools listed below have a competitor somewhere online or offline who is charging money for pretty much the exact same software or service that you can use for FREE through the links below.

NOTE: If you find a link below that no longer works, please contact me through this website and tell me about it so I can update this ebook. One thing that is certain about the Internet is that it is always changing… Occasionally, a free service will expire or a link will be moved to another location. I appreciate your assistance in helping me keep the “Dotcomology” ebook up to date for all future readers!

Web authoring tools:

Convert text into HTML with one click:

Complete web authoring software for Windows, Max and Linux:

Powerful HTML website editor:

Free web authoring and graphic design software:

Upload website files via FTP and SFTP:

Website plugins:

Free content for your website:

Add a search engine to your site:

Accurate real-time website stats:

Automated reciprocal linking and website directory generator:

Create unblockable popup windows without coding:

Design and download professional-quality, animated banner ads quickly and easily:

Formatting tools:

Format for your articles and emails for maximum effectiveness:

Free color picker:

Analyze the emotional impact of your headlines:

Research and discovery tools:

Spell checker:

Search the dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia or web:

Find the perfect set of keywords for your web pages:

Discover new keywords your future customers will find you under:

Analyze keyword density:

Check your website's link popularity:

Performance and protection tools:

Free multiplatform office suite:

Protect your website from plagiarism:

Scan your web pages to locate errors:

Spyware remover:

Free password manager and form filler:

Submission tools:

Add your URL to Google:

Submit your articles:

Ping your blog:

Communication tools:

Instant messaging on any platform:

Talk to anyone, anywhere for free:

Unlimited follow-up autoresponder:

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