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money. Of course, it doesn’t happen now without me making sure that
the taxes are filed and the paperwork is done. But it happened. I’m my
own boss. I work from home according to my own schedule and I get
to pocket all the cash my business makes. If you’re prepared to give
an e-business the time, the work and the money it needs to get
started and get growing, it can happen for you too.
The Internet â€" Your Business Tool
In effect, my system for making money online is built on three
foundations: the Internet, marketing and the product.
In this book, we are going to look closely at each one of those. In
particular, we’ll spend a lot of time talking about marketing because
that is really how you make money online.
Let’s begin by taking a quick glance at why the Internet is the
greatest business opportunity since the railroad.
The Internet actually started in 1969 as the ARPANET, a Defense
Department system designed to let survivors share files after a nuclear
attack. From a handful of top secret computers, it’s grown to fill more
than 10 million hosts and millions of domain names.
And it’s still growing. According to a recent survey, the volume of
Internet traffic is expected to double annually over the next five years.
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