Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz HTML version

15. Old Friends are Reunited
Many servants dressed in handsome uniforms stood ready to welcome the new arrivals,
and when the Wizard got out of the buggy a pretty girl in a green gown cried out in
"Why, it's Oz, the Wonderful Wizard, come back again!"
The little man looked at her closely and then took both the maiden's hands in his and
shook them cordially.
"On my word," he exclaimed, "it's little Jellia Jamb--as pert and pretty as ever!"
"Why not, Mr. Wizard?" asked Jellia, bowing low. "But I'm afraid you cannot rule the
Emerald City, as you used to, because we now have a beautiful Princess whom everyone
loves dearly."
"And the people will not willingly part with her," added a tall soldier in a Captain-
General's uniform.
The Wizard turned to look at him.
"Did you not wear green whiskers at one time?" he asked.
"Yes," said the soldier; "but I shaved them off long ago, and since then I have risen from
a private to be the Chief General of the Royal Armies."
"That's nice," said the little man. "But I assure you, my good people, that I do not wish to
rule the Emerald City," he added, earnestly.
"In that case you are very welcome!" cried all the servants, and it pleased the Wizard to
note the respect with which the royal retainers bowed before him. His fame had not been
forgotten in the Land of Oz, by any means.
"Where is Dorothy?" enquired Zeb, anxiously, as he left the buggy and stood beside his
friend the little Wizard.
"She is with the Princess Ozma, in the private rooms of the palace," replied Jellia Jamb.
"But she has ordered me to make you welcome and to show you to your apartments."
The boy looked around him with wondering eyes. Such magnificence and wealth as was
displayed in this palace was more than he had ever dreamed of, and he could scarcely
believe that all the gorgeous glitter was real and not tinsel.
"What's to become of me?" asked the horse, uneasily. He had seen considerable of life in
the cities in his younger days, and knew that this regal palace was no place for him.
It perplexed even Jellia Jamb, for a time, to know what to do with the animal. The green
maiden was much astonished at the sight of so unusual a creature, for horses were
unknown in this Land; but those who lived in the Emerald City were apt to be astonished