Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz HTML version

6. The Mangaboos Prove Dangerous
When the Wizard awoke the six colored suns were shining down upon the Land of the
Mangaboos just as they had done ever since his arrival. The little man, having had a good
sleep, felt rested and refreshed, and looking through the glass partition of the room he
saw Zeb sitting up on his bench and yawning. So the Wizard went in to him.
"Zeb," said he, "my balloon is of no further use in this strange country, so I may as well
leave it on the square where it fell. But in the basket-car are some things I would like to
keep with me. I wish you would go and fetch my satchel, two lanterns, and a can of
kerosene oil that is under the seat. There is nothing else that I care about."
So the boy went willingly upon the errand, and by the time he had returned Dorothy was
awake. Then the three held a counsel to decide what they should do next, but could think
of no way to better their condition.
"I don't like these veg'table people," said the little girl. "They're cold and flabby, like
cabbages, in spite of their prettiness."
"I agree with you. It is because there is no warm blood in them," remarked the Wizard.
"And they have no hearts; so they can't love anyone--not even themselves," declared the
"The Princess is lovely to look at," continued Dorothy, thoughtfully; "but I don't care
much for her, after all. If there was any other place to go, I'd like to go there."
"But IS there any other place?" asked the Wizard.
"I don't know," she answered.
Just then they heard the big voice of Jim the cab-horse calling to them, and going to the
doorway leading to the dome they found the Princess and a throng of her people had
entered the House of the Sorcerer.
So they went down to greet the beautiful vegetable lady, who said to them:
"I have been talking with my advisors about you meat people, and we have decided that
you do not belong in the Land of the Mangaboos and must not remain here."
"How can we go away?" asked Dorothy.
"Oh, you cannot go away, of course; so you must be destroyed," was the answer.
"In what way?" enquired the Wizard.
"We shall throw you three people into the Garden of the Twining Vines," said the
Princess, "and they will soon crush you and devour your bodies to make themselves grow
bigger. The animals you have with you we will drive to the mountains and put into the
Black Pit. Then our country will be rid of all its unwelcome visitors."