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Sir Lucien's Study Window
Old Bond Street presented a gloomy and deserted prospect to Chief Inspector
Kerry as he turned out of Picadilly and swung along toward the premises of
Kazmah. He glanced at the names on some of the shop windows as he passed,
and wondered if the furriers, jewelers and other merchants dealing in costly wares
properly appreciated the services of the Metropolitan Police Force. He thought of
the peacefully slumbering tradesmen in their suburban homes, the safety of their
stocks wholly dependent upon the vigilance of that Unsleeping Eye--for to an
unsleeping eye he mentally compared the service of which he was a member.
A constable stood on duty before the door of the block. Red Kerry was known by
sight and reputation to every member of the force, and the constable saluted as
the celebrated Chief Inspector appeared.
"Anything to report, constable?"
"Yes, sir."
"The ambulance has been for the body, and another gentleman has been."
Kerry stared at the man.
"Another gentleman? Who the devil's the other gentleman?"
"I don't know, sir. He came with Inspector Whiteleaf, and was inside for nearly an
"Inspector Whiteleaf is off duty. What time was this?"
"Twelve-thirty, sir."
Kerry chewed reflectively ere nodding to the man and passing on.
"Another gentleman!" he muttered, entering the hallway. "Why didn't Inspector
Warley report this? Who the devil--" Deep in thought he walked upstairs, finding his
way by the light of the pocket torch which he carried. A second constable was on
duty at Kazmah's door. He saluted.
"Anything to report?" rapped Kerry.
"Yes, sir. The body has been removed, and the gentleman with Inspector--"
"Damn that for a tale! Describe this gentleman."
"Rather tall, pale, dark, clean-shaven. Wore a fur-collared overcoat, collar turned
up. He was accompanied by Inspector Whiteleaf."
"H'm. Anything else?"
"Yes. About an hour ago I heard a noise on the next floor--"
"Eh!" snapped Kerry, and shone the light suddenly into the man's face so that he
blinked furiously.
"Eh? What kind of noise?"
"Very slight. Like something moving."
"Like something! Like what thing? A cat or an elephant?"
"More like, say, a box or a piece of furniture."
"And you did--what?"
"I went up to the top landing and listened."
"What did you hear?"