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Get Help With Your Doggie Mistakes – Learn How to Have a Happy, Healthy
Dog Class Series
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now so you can be a better dog parent. Your dog depends on you to make their world
a safe, happy, healthy place and we all need a little help sometimes to get there.
De D i c at i o n :
To all the wonderful dog teachers that have blessed my life and taught me so much,
including Fritz, Rodie, Charlie, Snowball, Razor Rocket, Shazaam and Einstein.
ac k n o w l e D g m e n t s :
Without the assistance, support and encouragement of these amazing people, this
book would not have been possible. So I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Charlene
Doyle, Jan Rasmusen, Dr. Laura Cioppa, Marcy Cassius, Dr. Ernesto Fernandez, Tom
Watts, Dona Kerr, and, of course, my wonderful parents.