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General Introduction…………………………………………………………………..p.3


Section 1: A short introduction in the fundamentals and definitions of sports arbitrage…………………………………………………………………………..….….p.4


Section 2: Step by step practical explanation how you take advantage of an arb..……………………………………………………………..…………..……………..p.6


Section 3: Reviewing OddsandBets and some (free) alternative programs………………………………………………………………………………...p.13


Section 4: Money investment and bankroll management………..…………..p.15


Section 5: The 10 biggest Bookmakers and Bonuses and a list of the most arb productive bookmakers…...…………………………………………….……..........p.21


Section 6: The how’s and why’s of the arbitrage betting system: a thoroughly explanation………………………………………………………………………….….p.24


Section 7: How to apply a zero risk policy whilst arbitrage


betting!........................................................................………………………….….p.32 Conclusion………………………………………………………………..…………….p.34

General Introduction

Welcome to the Dominate Sportsbetting E-book and congratulations with this great opportunity. The Dominate Sportsbetting E-book is becoming a worldwide success, with thousands of sales every month. Numerous people have just discovered the great secrets which are currently unveiling inside the sports betting arena. And now it’s your turn. Enjoy!

Joris Dekkers,

Creator of the Dominate Sportsbetting E-book and creator and owner of , and

For whom is this e-book intended and how can it help you?

The Dominate Sportsbetting E-book is available for EVERYONE. Legally seen, you must be 18 years or older, but other than that you may come from any country, you may be a woman or man, you may be black or white, it all does not matter.

00002.jpg Accepts
US Players
Yes, also US citizens can buy this product. Boy, I know, online gambling- and investment players from the US have had a hard time lately. With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act it has been almost impossible to win money via gambling or investing money on the worldwide web for them. Luckily, there are still sites which do allow Americans to play. And luckily too, this ebook can be bought by Americans too. Therefore, there is a chance for them to win some serious money too!

The Dominate Sports betting E-book will teach every reader something. The beginner will profit hugely from it, because he will take the right approach and vision into sports betting immediately. Yes, sports betting is in principle a gambling industry, but with this e-book in hand you will soon see that gambling is not an option for you anymore. You will take advantage of invaluable opportunities where gaining is the only certainty.

The experienced sports bettor will find this e-book even more interesting, because he was probably not making smart bets before in order to make huge profits. This e-book will enlighten him and surprise him, in a way that has never been done before.

Section 1: A short introduction in the definition and the fundamentals of sports arbitrage

Sport is emotion. And because of that, sports betting is for most people also emotion. They bet at their favourite team to add a little more excitement to the game. For other people, sport is their ultimate hobby. They know everything about their favourite league/sport. They have statistics on everything. Based on history, they try to bet as effective as possible.
Both types of sports bettors will not succeed in making money out of sports betting. Some might make money, but that’s just because of sheer luck. See, it is not emotion or history that predicts an outcome of a sports match. In fact, nothing can predict the outcome of a sports match.
This is why, in order to make (huge) profits, you should not make bets based on emotion or historical statistics. Better explained: you shall not gamble, but you shall take a logical approach.

This logical approach can be taken because odds compilers who work for various bookmakers are not thinking logically but emotionally and arrogantly too. Hundreds of bookmakers exist on the internet, but all of them have different odds at the same matches. They do not share their knowledge, but they only act upon their own knowledge and thus do not work together. The different opinions that odds compilers have, create wonderful opportunities for us. It is because of them, we exist.

We call the logical approach that is needed in order to take advantage of these differences in the opinions of odds compilers arbitrage. Bets you place following arbitrage strategy are called surebets.

Sports Betting Arbitrage refers to this: Making a guaranteed profit by backing all possible outcomes of a sporting event at higher than usual odds at competing bookmakers.

More fully explained it refers to the fact that you can make money at home on your computer, at your own leisure whilst having complete control of every step. Arbitrage is also completely legal wherever online gambling is legal, it is thoroughly tried and tested, anyone can do it, and it does not involve recruiting or selling anything.

The idea is very simple; take for example a tennis match where there are only two possible outcomes. Find odds for player 1 which are exceptionally high, then find odds for player 2 which are exceptionally high for that player at another bookmaker. If the odds are high enough you then back both sets of high odds in the right proportion, and regardless of who wins, you make a guaranteed profit.

Please note: you will always loose a bet and win a bet. So you will loose money at one bookmaker and win at another bookmaker. When you take advantage of a soccer arbitrage opportunity you will even lose money twice and win once. The thing with arbitrage is however, that your winnings at one bookmaker are always bigger than your loss at the other bookmaker or the sum of losses at two bookmakers. This is why there is always a profit, regardless the outcome of the particular match.

The concept is as easy as that. Is there any risk? No. Is it legal? Yes. Does it require exceptional skills? No. Can you make more money than at a regular job? Definitely!

We will now step by step explain you all about arbitrage just as we promised on our website:

Section 2: Step by step practical explanation of how an arb works

STEP 1: Arbitrage example with 3.57% profit at a tennis match between Jeremy Chardy vs Luis Horna

Beneath you will find screenshots of the OddsAndBets program. This software tool scans over 60 bookmakers and searches arbitrage
opportunities for you EVERY MINUTE. Yes, that’s right, faster and more accurate than any other software on the market.


STEP 2: We now check out the odds at the first bookmaker Betfair: 4.48 are the odds for Chardy to win.


Step 3: Then we check the odds for Horna at bookmaker Bet-at-home: 1.35 are the odds for Horna to win.


Step 4: For now, we just are going to type in the values in the Bet Arbitrage Calculator v1.0 (you can download this for free here). The calculator divides the amount to bet between the bookmakers depending on what we want to stake (which is now 419 euro).


If you invest €97 with Betfair, you will need to invest €321 with Bet-athome and in one minute you make more than €15 NET profit, whatever the outcome of this tennis match will be. A risk-free profit!
Step 5: Bet €97 at Betfair.


Step 6 : And bet €321 at Bet-at-home.

00008.jpgStep 7: There you go!!! Over €15 IS YOURS: whatever happens in the match!1

Also, in this example we have only risked €419. If we would quadruple that amount to €4190 we would get a profit of €150! You can bet as much as the bookmaker allows you to go! The more money you have in your betting accounts, the more money you can win. And please do not forget, arbitrage opportunities like these arrive every minute. This means that, with a lot of money, you can make hundreds of euros
every HOUR! All you will need in the beginning is patience, certainly if you don’t have a large amount of money you wish to invest (begin with at least € €€5000). Your winnings will be small and you have to wait some days before you can bet again as you transfer money from one account to another. After some weeks of steady earnings you can

1 In this example we have taken Betfair as one of the example bookmakers. At betfair you always have to pay 5% commission. This means we have to stake more to get the same profit. As this is a general example we haven’t taken it into account. Please be assured that betfair is the only bookmaker you must pay commission. Betfair is however a website that produces by far the most arbs so we shouldn’t consider this as negative. The only thing is to invest more than is common.

expand and make more money in time. This process will be explained fully in section 4.

In the first screenshot you have seen the Oddsandbets program. We believe this is (when you compare price to quality) the best arbitrage finder. The program updates every minute, scans by far the most bookmakers and has a reasonable price.
We have, because of the fact that Oddsandbets delivers high quality for a good price, therefore decided to make Oddsandbets our official partner. We want to offer you the best.

We will now show you in short what the capabilities of Oddsandbets are and will advice you to get this program as soon as possible. Without this program you will never be a professional arbitrage sports bettor, because you will not be able to find the arbitrage opportunities this quick yourself.

Section 3: Reviewing Oddsandbets and some (free) alternative programs

ODDSANDBETS (varying from $69 to $349 a month, depending on the number of bookmaker accounts)

OddsAndBets is in our opinion the best tool ever designed at the (arbitrage) sports betting market. This program spots arbitrage opportunities every minute, alerts you, calculates the profit for you (and how much you should bet per odd given) so that you only need to place the bets. Guaranteed winnings will be the consequence every day. In short, OddsAndBets will provide you the following:

1. Shows you clearly the arbs available;
2. Alerts you when an arb is produced;
3. Has an Information window;
4. Has an easy-to-use detailed Arb calculator which allows you to make calculations with the arbs received, introducing the amount you wish to bet on one bookmaker, showing the amount to bet on the 2nd bookmakers and the winnings to be made with each spread. Also ready for exchange bookies;
5. Has an option to have your list of bookmakers changed as many times as you wish. This means that you can customize it to your own liking (for example: if you only have accounts at bwin, unibet, betfair and betdaq you can choose to let OddsAndBets only search for arbitrage opportunities at these bookmakers and what’s most important – ONLY pay for those bookmakers!

Get OddsAndBets here

Alternative programs
As I mentioned above, Oddsandbets is not the only program on the market. It is overall the best and most suitable for everyone, but there are other programs that are very suitable for some groups/specified needs too.

ARBSEEK is a good alternative for Oddsandbets. It takes a very professional approach and therefore is designed for serious-minded and/or expert arbitrageurs.

Arbseek is relatively new on the scene of Arbitrage. It seems to have put together quite a comprehensive piece of arbitrage trading alert software which not only does the usual arbitrage discovery and alert, but also maintains a history and portfolio of your bets, your profits and your progress. This is the only software I know which possesses this feature. It has the ability to filter arbs based on sports, bet type, bookmaker, min-max profit, and min-max time away from event. It also has its own browser interface which allows you to trade the arb from within the software. When you find an arb you want to bet on, you set the calculator up (distributing the profit equally, rounded, or speculating on the winner) as you want, then click on the 'place bet' button which launches the browser to the relevant bookmaker sites with all of the information for the arb stored in frames. When the arb has been placed, you press the 'Complete' button, and the arb is updated into the portfolio of your account.
The ArbSeek software costs €10 for 3 days, €50 a month, €135 for 3 months or €500 a year. A demo version is also available for free which restricts all displayed arbs to a profit of 0.5% or less.

Get Arbseek here


The following program offer lower quality compared to Oddsandbets, but still providse sufficient options to be successful in arbitrage.


ARBALERT Works together with arbsurfer, and is the arb program of the zero risk arbitrage website. Offers you a 5 day trial for free!


Get Arbalert here:

BET ARBITRAGE CALCULATOR V1.0 Free arbitrage calculator. You need this in order to fill in the odds arb seekers have come up with and to fill in the stake: it will then tell you how much you should bet at each outcome.

Get Bet Arbitrage v1.0 here

Section 4: Money investment and Bankroll management

As you enter the world of sports arbitrage you enter the world of money: betting, depositing and withdrawing. Your cash is safe with most of the bookmakers, certainly at the bookmakers promoted on (you can here download all the bookmakers you need. There are over 50 bookmakers enlisted on this page). But besides safety and security at bookmakers you also need a safe and secure way to get your money from your (local) bank transferred to the internet.

I prefer using known internet banks like Neteller and Moneybookers. These internet banks are like your own bank: you have your own online account, you can deposit and withdraw large amounts of money and it is the safest way of transferring money. What’s more? Almost every bookmaker has Moneybooker and/or Neteller as (one of) their preferred methods of payment. Although cash needs to travel a few days from your bank to these accounts, depositing money into bookmaker accounts is done in a second! Withdrawal costs are low.

* Get your Neteller account like this: send an email to We will then refer you. If you open our e-mail and click on the link that leads to the homepage of Neteller you can open an account. Both you and we will get $10 for free! Neteller is a very secure and safe online bank and has millions of customers worldwide. It is also the most popular and know online bank. Neteller unfortunately does not offer its services to American customers anymore.
* Get your Moneybookers account by clicking here! Moneybookers is the most upcoming and a very secure and safe online bank. Moneybookers is growing fast in popularity and is getting even bigger than Neteller.

If you want to begin with arbitrage you will need a significant amount of money to invest. It is hard to determine the minimum you need, but we can give you an indication.
In order to reach an acceptable amount of profit you will need to place pretty large bets at every arb opportunity. This is due to the fact that you need to have a bankroll on more than 1 bookmaker website; otherwise arbitrage betting is impossible.
Professional arbitrageurs have around €1500-2000 at more than 20/30 bookmakers in their accounts. This makes their total investment capital around €50.000.
Do not worry; in general professional arbitrageurs have begun small. And if you do not have (or do not want to invest) €50.000 to invest – which is probably the case – you must do the same.
We would say, as a matter of beginning, you should have a total investment capital of €2500-5000. €2500 really is the minimum, anything lower than that is not worth the time when you begin. You should start with 4-6 websites so that you put a couple of hundreds euro on each website.
When you do this it is unfortunately impossible to take advantage of every, or most profitable arbitrage opportunities. You will have to wait for opportunities that arise with the bookmakers where you have a registered account.
Patience is what you need. You can’t make large bets yet with this beginning bankroll, so you can’t make big profits yet. You will always make profits, but don’t expect large numbers to come in the beginning. As you must refill accounts at bookmakers you lost money you will have to transfer money again and again. This pops up waiting time so that you can bet less times a week. This will all become better and better in time.

With a bankroll of around €2500 your weekly profit can reach up to €200-300. Because you are already making profits, and also because you are wagering away sign up bonuses you can soon see your bankroll doubled or even tripled after a few weeks. This means that the amounts you can bet will be larger soon too, as you make more accounts at more bookmakers and thus your profits will double/triple too.
Although there is no real risk involved in arbitrage if you take a secure and logical approach, (please remind that you control everything, more on that in the coming sections) it is appropriate to begin small. You have to adapt to the sports betting environment, the program, the betting process, the depositing and withdrawing process and to the whole idea of arbitrage (it probably takes some time to persuade yourself that it really does exist and that it is not a dream). Therefore, taking it slow in the beginning is never a wrong start!

Please note to find links to all secure bookmakers visit http://www.


Game plan Strategy (an example of a practical arbitrage career evolvement, please note that every beginning career evolves differently)

First stage:
A. Minimum starting bankroll: €2500
B. Minimum amount of bookmaker accounts: 7-8 (money on each


C. This means waiting a certain period of time until arbs come by with the bookmakers you have accounts at, and then placing bets (make sure you get at least 3% profit). You must then withdraw some of your money at the bookmakers you have won money to fill the accounts where you lost. This can take some days before money is withdrawn. This is why in the beginning patience is needed.

D. You make up to €150-200 with some dedication every week. Depending on how fast you can withdraw and deposit. You will need to do this a lot because your bankroll is not large enough yet.

E. Your estimated weekly spend time will approximately be: 10 hours. F. Estimated costs: money transfer fees, bookmaker fees, $69 (=€50) p/m for the oddsandbets program (as you don’t need more than 5-10 bookmakers yet): total costs are approx. €75 a month.

Second stage (after a month):

A. Bankroll has grown to an estimated €3000-3500. You will now have more options and possibilities available.
B. Minimum amount of bookmaker accounts should increase to 9-10. This will enlarge the chances that arbs arrive at bookmakers where you have registered accounts. And thus you can take advantage of more arbs every week. Make sure you create accounts at bookmakers which offer the most odds (biggest bookmakers). In section 5 you will find a list of most productive arbitrage bookmakers.
C. As you still have €300/400 at every site at your disposal, you must not bet too large amounts yet. Withdrawing and depositing can still take some time so your estimated weekly profit will now be €300-400. This is already a nice monthly payroll (€1200-1600 tax free legal money!!)
D. Estimated weekly time spend: 10-15 hours
E. Estimated costs: money transfer fees, bookmaker fees, $119 (=€86) p/m for the oddsandbets program (the fee increases as the first month new customer offer is gone now): total costs are approx. €170 a month.
Third stage (after two months):
A. Bankroll has been growing to approximately €4500-5000. B. Minimum amount of bookmakers should be around 15-20. C. You earn twice as much because you can now wait with withdrawing twice as long. This means you are able to make more surebets over a longer time span. Betting amounts should still be around €300/400. Keep doing this a few weeks until you have doubled.
D. Your total monthly profit will now reach up to €4000 tax free money. This is probably twice or three times as much compared to the average income of your people in your country! E. Estimated weekly time spend: 15-20 hours.
F. Estimated costs: money transfer fees, bookmaker fees, $199 (=€144) p/m for the oddsandbets program (as you need to have arbs coming from around 20 bookmakers): total costs are approx. €200 a month.

Fourth stage (after three months):
A. Bankroll has been growing to approximately €8.000-10.000 B. Minimum amount of bookmakers should be 30. Or you can

choose to stay with the 20.

C. Bets should still be larger than €300/400 in the case of increasing the amount of bookmaker accounts. When you prefer the current amount of bookmakers you could increase your bets up to €800. If you want quick cash, the second option is the best one. Otherwise, on the long term, I prefer the first option.

D. Your total weekly profit now reaches high limits (up to €2500). This means a monthly profit of €10.000 tax free cash.
E. Estimated weekly time spend: 25-30 hours.
F. Estimated costs: money transfer fees, bookmaker fees, $349 (=€250) p/m for the oddsandbets program (as you need arbs coming from more than 20 bookmakers): total costs are approx. €325 a month.

Fifth stage (prospectus after first 16 weeks):

A. This will be the last stage and you will stay in this class as long as you want. Your bankroll should be around €18.000-20.000.
B. You should have around 35-40 accounts. Your minimum bankroll at each bookmaker is €700-800. This means your total risk free investments can reach €1500 and higher from now on. What is more, you can now possibly take advantage of all arbs since you have that many bookmaker accounts.
C. You should now strive to reach the top of the maximum betting amounts that bookmakers have set. Do not create more accounts, just increase your bankroll overall and keep everything well balanced.
D. Weekly profits can now rise up to €5000-6000 a week! You can make as much money as you want depending on the time you spend on arbitrage betting. You can choose from every arbitrage opportunity. You might want to go only for the 4-10% arb profits and leave the small arbs behind. This means up to €15.000-25.000 a month!! That means, in time you can have an annual salary of >€300.000!
E. Estimated weekly time spend: 40+ hours (as much as you like, the more hours spent the more money gained!)
F. Estimated costs: money transfer fees, bookmaker fees, $349 (=€250) p/m for the oddsandbets program: total costs are approx. €400 a month.

Keep in mind that, especially in the beginning, your bankroll/profits will not only grow because of the surebets you place, but also because you will get a lot of bonusmoney: sign up bonuses, reload bonuses, loyality bonus. When Surebetting you will wager a lot and thus clear these bonuses fast. This is what bookmakers want: they will give you thousands of euros as free money! This comes on top of your daily profits!

And you must have seen: the costs coming from subscriptions, fees and other percentages are just PEANUTS compared to what you earn. Nothing is stopping you from making profits in the arbitrage market!

Again, the strategy path example above is just an EXAMPLE. You really can decide how much money and time you want to invest in arbitrage betting. You can also decide to create accounts at less bookmakers but start betting large numbers faster. You can also decide not to expand to much but to be satisfied with some extra cash every week. It is all up to you, in the world of arbitrage betting you are the ruler.

But I hope the above described example clarifies that profits can reach sky high limits! You don’t have to study anything to become a professional full time arbitrageur.
When you do not have €2500 to start with at your disposal, I advice you

to take a look at the website below. There you can get thousands of euros FOR FREE! I am certainly not lying about this.