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12. Paul's Education
After the lapse of some minutes, which appeared an immense time to little Paul
Dombey on the table, Doctor Blimber came back. The Doctor's walk was stately, and
calculated to impress the juvenile mind with solemn feelings. It was a sort of march; but
when the Doctor put out his right foot, he gravely turned upon his axis, with a semi-
circular sweep towards the left; and when he put out his left foot, he turned in the same
manner towards the right. So that he seemed, at every stride he took, to look about him
as though he were saying, 'Can anybody have the goodness to indicate any subject, in
any direction, on which I am uninformed? I rather think not'
Mrs Blimber and Miss Blimber came back in the Doctor's company; and the Doctor,
lifting his new pupil off the table, delivered him over to Miss Blimber.
'Cornelia,' said the Doctor, 'Dombey will be your charge at first. Bring him on, Cornelia,
bring him on.'
Miss Blimber received her young ward from the Doctor's hands; and Paul, feeling that
the spectacles were surveying him, cast down his eyes.
'How old are you, Dombey?' said Miss Blimber.
'Six,' answered Paul, wondering, as he stole a glance at the young lady, why her hair
didn't grow long like Florence's, and why she was like a boy.
'How much do you know of your Latin Grammar, Dombey?' said Miss Blimber.
'None of it,' answered Paul. Feeling that the answer was a shock to Miss Blimber's
sensibility, he looked up at the three faces that were looking down at him, and said:
'I have'n't been well. I have been a weak child. I couldn't learn a Latin Grammar when I
was out, every day, with old Glubb. I wish you'd tell old Glubb to come and see me, if
you please.'
'What a dreadfully low name' said Mrs Blimber. 'Unclassical to a degree! Who is the
monster, child?'
'What monster?' inquired Paul.
'Glubb,' said Mrs Blimber, with a great disrelish.
'He's no more a monster than you are,' returned Paul.
'What!' cried the Doctor, in a terrible voice. 'Ay, ay, ay? Aha! What's that?'