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Making Money with Domains
The traditional model for making money from Internet domains involves
buying and selling. Like traditional real estate, or any investment, the goal is
to buy low and sell high. Other models for making money with domains have
developed in recent years.
Pay-per-click domain parking has been a very lucrative way to earn
money from domain names. This report will emphasize this approach.
The parking services described here provide free hosting and pay you
every time someone clicks on a link. Who should you park your
domains with? These services differ in important ways, and one may
work better than another for you. Whether you are a domain
professional or someone holding a single valuable name, parking with
one of these services will turn your traffic into income.
Affiliate programs allow you to sell a product on your domain and keep
a percentage of the profit. You can do this from a site your build, or
you can redirect a domain to an affiliate page created for you by the
merchant who is hosting the offer.
Developing your domain into a full-fledged website can sometimes
make the most money. It is also the most time-intensive.
Domain Parking Services
The remainder of this eBook will focus on making money through domain
parking. This is usually the easiest and most fool-proof way to make money
Some services require that you own a minimum number of domains, others
do not. Changes that you make appear immediately with some services,
while others require prior approval. (All provide free hosting.) In some cases
you can be paid when someone simply views your site (pay per impression) ,
or when they click (pay per click). Some of these services will automatically
optimize your domains based on what people search for. RPM (revenue per
thousand impressions) is not the whole story. Some companies include live
newsfeeds to keep people coming back to your site. Some services make it
easy for you to use one-click landing pages, while others do not.
and Gold Key, try to keep your domain listed in search
engines. Results have been mixed. Many other services result in domains
dropping from search engines. Traffic from Asia does not monetize well on
most of these sites. Sedo, Traffic Valet, and TrafficZ seem to do better than
others with international traffic, especially European traffic and even some
Asian Traffic.
Stats are updated in near real-time on some services, while others update
once a day.
, NameDrive and Fabulous offer additional services, not just domain
parking income.
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