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Dog Robber: Jim Colling Adventure Series, Book I

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Published: 5 years ago

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In the first book of the Jim Colling Adventure Series, Private Jim Colling finds that the post-war German occupation affords opportunities for significant financial gain to a resourceful American soldier with the ability to speak the local language. When Elizabeth Hamilton, a beautiful American civilian, enlists his aid in the rescue of one of her relatives from Soviet-controlled Poland, Colling reluctantly agrees. What was supposed to be a simple two-week excursion turns out to be a harrowing month-long journey of escape across an Eastern Europe that is devastated by War during which Colling’s courage and initiative are tested to the highest degree. When he learns about Elizabeth’s death under mysterious circumstances, Colling realizes that he must embark on a rescue mission of his own behind the Iron Curtain. Download this FREE e-Book today!


Well done adventure. a good Read.

Robert Bendy

Colling's adventures seemed a little far-fetched as all his plans worked out without a hitch, which was amazing considering the complexity of things that needed to be accomplished. But all-in-all it was a good read and I enjoyed it.

Mal Owen

Well constructed and the hero can be seen to become more a man of the world than the rather naive lad early in the book. Would like to see more by this author.

Ken Sword

Hard to get into but soon turned to a page turner...need the next instalment soon.

Mal Owen

Good stuff. looking forward to reading more of Jim Colling's adventures


An exciting read. I could not put it down!

James Jolliffe

Good book. Easy read.Very exciting and historically accurate.

Stan Oakley

Would like to see more of his books

Alan Dever

great read, interesting character and story development.


Great read. I enjoyed the character development. Fast moving didnt want to put it down. Read it in two sittings.

Allan Wiltshire

A very good read.

John Mann

Oh yeah, this one's good!

Bob Green

Suspenseful. Kept me turning pages.


Putting Clancy's heroes to shame, Colling outwomanizes, outshoots, outbrawls and outsmarts the Commies at every turn.


Robert McCurdy

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