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- How ordinary people make extraordinary money: Millions of people try to become successful every year. Most give up. Learn the one unspoken truth to success (or discover it alone the hard way). - 5 Ways to getting an ebook written for you: Need to build authority? Want a product to sell? Need a lead generator? Don't like writing yourself, or have no time? Then learn 5 different ways to getting the hard work done for you, some without spending a cent. - The art of email copy, and 7 tips to getting your emails opened: Discover easy ways to write profitable emails, even if you have never written copy in your life. - 4 Essential questions you must answer if you want to make a sale: Miss any one and you will be losing money. - 5 Psychological tricks to get people to buy now...

Belorio Siberza

although it goes through most of the topics, the book is clear, the ideas are ordered and the speech is easy to understand and really optimistic.I have liked the tone and some of the given examples about the real world.

Petra Portland

I liked this book a lot. It gives a solid (and realistic) grounding for anyone thinking about starting an online business. And if you already have an online business there is something here for everyone. I especially found chapter 10 eye-opening and think the author approaches marketing from a unique perspective. He wrote a lot about the psychology of the sales process which I found invaluable. If I had to fault this book, I'd say that it is a bit on the lengthy side, yet it is written as consisely as possible so i'm not sure what could be taken out. As someone who has been online for the past 4 years, overall this book surapassed my expectations and my expectations are pretty high! A solid 4.5 stars out of 5 :)

Steve Jacobs

I started in IM about a year ago and this has been my go to book in my learning all about IM, the pitfalls and how to succeed. I am so glad Leon wrote this book as it has taken me from a newbie to an experienced marketer able to make a full time living online within a year and leave my old job. Its not easy, nothing is that is worth it is, but if you follow Leons lessons every day gets better, at least for me I see my income rise on a monthly basis and my attitude and work ethic grow stronger by working smarter not harder. I now have more time for my family than ever before and that was one of my biggest goals. Thanks Leon, I am waiting for your second edition!

Lisa Martin

This book is awesome!! Thanks for the great gift Leon :)

Carl Nudge

I've been doing online marketing for 5 years now and this is by far the most comprehensive book on online marketing I've ever read. It's an easy read and full of great tips and strategies to making money online. Great job, will definitely be recommending it to others in my network. Thanks!


mostly stating to obvious. So not very helpful


Leon Jay

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