Divine Reiki and Spiritual Healing Through the Unity of Faiths HTML version

evenings she comes “home” when the Kirtan[Sikh divine
hyms] is being sung. We asked her where mum and the
others were and she said they were nearby and when I asked
her if she would like us to “reunite” with them, she said “yes”
and immediately, Guru Gobind Singh Ji appeared in her inner
scene on his beautiful horse and “took her” to reunite with
mum who had passed away several years ago. We left the
“scene” with our beloved sister being reunited with mum (my
stepmother, but my sister’s biological mother. My mum died
when I was eighteen months old and several years later my
dad remarried but to me these are my sisters. I’ve never
thought of them as half-sisters, that’s the love we have and
share). And since my sister’s passing, my daughter and I
have become very involved with crystals and crystal healings
and I use it personally in my healing work. I know in my heart
it is my sister “teaching” us from the other sideÈÈ
Our beloved dad, who never got over her passing, left his
physical body on the 29th November 2008. He was a very
spiritual man in his senior years and a “true bhakta” i.e.
disciple of the Sikh faith. The day he had his cardiac arrest (I
had gone home to Malaysia to look after him), I was talking to
my cousin’s wife that he may not make it that day and prayed
for Guruji’s GRACE to be showered on him and in my inner
scene I immediately saw Guru Gobind Singh Ji on his horse,
the forms kept interchanging from Sai Baba to Guruji letting
me know that my prayer was heard and Guruji’s horse lifted
his right hoof several times tapping it on the ground, waiting
for the Divine Master of the Universe to give the command to
take his BELOVED BHAKTA across and our father passed
away the following morning at approximately 5am.
I used to pray to Sai Baba to look after my dad (who lived
alone when he was not visiting my siblings) and after his
death I found out that for the last five years, his neighbours
were Sai Baba devotees who took care of him Ï SAI, YOUR
I continue to get messages from the “other side” and have a
better understanding of life there. I’ve been shown the
different “temples of learning”, I’ve been shown how our
“thoughts” manifest our “desires” and each one of us is
responsible for our own journey here and in the hereafter.