Divine Reiki and Spiritual Healing Through the Unity of Faiths HTML version

For reasons only best known to Sai Baba, this book did not
get published as planned in 2006. The last four years have
been the hardest and the most painful; I was to experience
firsthand the pain of death and the anguish it brings one’s
self and one’s family. In 2006, during my time in Prasanthi
Nilayam in September, I prayed for my youngest sister, Savi,
who was going to undergo heart surgery in January 2007. A
devoted wife and mother of three young children, my sister
was one of those unique human beings who was always
helping anyone she could to improve themselves. Over the
years, she would bring several people for Reiki healings
when I would be in Malaysia for holidays. In 2006, she taught
and introduced me to crystals and the crystal world, and I
would just smile as I didn’t “believe” in “crystal power”. My
sister was taken from us on the 18th January 2008, my
brother in-law and I was present at the time of her passing.
Again, words cannot describe the pain and anguish I felt as I
was looking at the heart monitor and the angel lying on the
bed, fighting for her life and the seconds tickingÈÈ you’re
screaming in your head and heart for the machine to stop
ticking because you are not READY to say GOODBYE and
then the SILENCE and my little angel has crossed over and I
feel a part of me died that day with her. Life will never be the
same again and I know it. For fourteen days after her
passing, every evening Sikh Naujawan Sabha in Kuala
Lumpur (my sister was a member of this group in her
younger days) came to my brother in-laws house and
performed Kirtan (Sikh holy hymns), we would feel her
presence very strongly during these times.
The night before I was leaving for Melbourne, my other sister
Poli (there were four of us sisters) asked me to teach her the
“cross over” work where you connect with the departed soul
and get messages. As soon as we connected (this was on the
third day of her passing) we saw our sister sitting in a
beautiful garden. She said she has been there for three days
just reflecting on the life she just completed and in the