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Lord promulgate beyond horizons. Shakti Prasad Palo
Shakti Prasad Palo

© Smt. Madhuri Palo
First Impression - Chandan Utsav 2007

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HIS Sheltering and Liberating Lotus Feet

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It was the final hour of the last trading day at a nearby local fair. I somehow managed to enter the officially closed fair. The entire arena seemed wrecked with almost shredded infrastructure with the tired traders trudging amidst dusty clouds. Some traders were busy uprooting their tents while some others were busy packaging their unsold left outs, to be sold in some other fair. A few of them were dusting their sacs with the remaining belongings raised on their heads. At the end of the vending zone, I could hear a roar of laughter. When my eagerness dragged me there, I found some vendors washing their hands merrily for their entire burden that belonged to them was sold out and they never had to return back to any other fair until they deliberately gather some new burden. Their satisfied faces made me happy too till my eyes rolled on a few saddened traders. Their well-decorated shops were filled with unsold goods. Their degree of sadness was proportionate to the multifarious lights and attracting music of their shops. May be to attain that final solace and return with washed hands, these loaded vendors have to suffer infinite fairs. The entire place was cleaned within hours before midnight, but the dying fair left an aroma of fresh thought in my mind; and watered the forgotten feeling in the heart, the karmic basis of our very existence.

The outward happiness and worldly success can never subside the gray of our lives, the inherent sufferings that guide our lives to proceed further and suffer more. It is because we deal with the objective effect without analyzing the subjective cause. We exist and suffer due to ourselves, our past deeds and will suffer due to our present unless we nullify them. It requires us to be conscious of our deeds and to dedicate them to the inherent doer transferring the authority to Him without a trace of ego. Until all the deeds pending are suffered consciously and present deeds are dedicated, the soul can never sail beyond the horizons of pain and sufferings, revolving with the body in birth-death cycles timelessly. We should mould our skeptical and egoistic lives to the tune of Divinity and experience the ecstasy through devotion to the Supreme Lord. The Lord comes down to earth in flesh and blood as incarnations to preach us the reality of this transient material world and the ways to liberate to His lotus feet.

One such Divine incarnations who showed the suffering mankind the light of salvation and made them realize the infinite consciousness within, was Jagatguru Thakur Shri Shri Shri Abhiram Paramahansa Dev. His philosophy reveals the deepest secrets of Karmic theory and analyses in greater details the principles of yoga, Knowledge, devotion and liberation. This book comprises of His Divine sayings which uncovers all delusions and when practiced releases the bonded soul, baptizing the mankind towards immortality. These eternal metaphysical thoughts which embed within the essence of entire Vedic literature, has been collected from His sayings which He had taught to His devotees and saints during His self willed mortal lifetime and Divine plays. Any errata may kindly be forgiven as a misinterpretation of an amateur aspirant.

With reverence, I convey my heartfelt obeisance to my parents, whose blessings bred inspiration in me to initiate this noble work and whose enthusiasm made it complete. I express my gratitude to my sister for her unending delight and joy throughout the work. I shall remain grateful to all my well-wishers for their support and encouragement.

I am also thankful to the publisher for his eagerness and effort in publishing it within schedule.

Lastly, I shall ever remain indebted at the lotusfeet of Shri Thakur for guiding me in everything and doing His work though me. Let the readers of this book and those who promulgate these eternal sayings be blessed and liberated by my ever-merciful Shri Thakur.