Disease & Illness - The Truth Revealed & the Lies Unveiled


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Your health is precious. Download this FREE eBook, and discover the truth behind vibrant health that the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know. Download it today! 

aberham cooper

great book for everyone

John Ene

I found the book vey beneficial. I appreciate the author's honesty.Diabetes is now an epidemic and the information on the ebook about reversing diabetes seems logical.I will recommend it to all those hoping to be free from diabetes


There's nothing new in this ebook - trans fats are bad, fast foods are bad, sugar is bad, white bread is bad... you get the general gist. It's basically a lot of waffle surrounding a very small amount of information, all of it leading the reader to the Health Warrior's website and presumably the purchase of products if you want to find out more. Since it's a free ebook I guess one can't complain too much, but it really is a waste of time.


Reading this book by "The Health Warrior" is a complete waste of time. It a sales gimmick to encourage you to purchase other e-books by "The Health Warrior" costing over $40 each. Who is "The Health Warrior" and what are his/her/their credentials. Your guess is as good as mine.

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