Discovery of Happiness HTML version

the only course left to us is to catch the instances of happiness, make conscious effort to
avoid or quickly get over the negative moments and deliberately search for experiences
that can give us happiness.
George Be rnard Shaw said, ―Life is a splendid torch which I have got hold for
the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to
future generation‖.
Most of the religious scriptures define the path to happiness through prayer of
God, doing one‘s duties in the best possible way, being truthful, detachment from desires
and above all through love of every living being. Hence happiness and religion and/or
spirituality are interrelated. Even the Atheists have some ethical considerations to derive
happiness from their daily activities.
It is also important to keep in mind those aspects of our daily behaviour and
reactions to situations that could make us unhappy or happy. Many of our acts that may
give false sense of happiness can make us unhappy in the long run. Similarly many of our
acts of omissions and commissions that we may find troublesome or unimportant could
make us happy later on. Simultaneously the impact of our actions on others has also to be
taken into account before we embark on those actions. There could be conflicting
situations where either we or the other person would become unhappy. It would be
individua l decision in such cases to choose the path that may be of larger
family/community/nationa l interest.
What is Happiness?
Every person defines happiness in the context of a situation. We all have
different goals at different times. In early student life these can be in relation to our
performance in studies, our job as an adult, meeting the needs of our family, our financia l
security for future and finally our search of enlightenment if we are religious. But the
reason why we want to reach these goals is ‗because we want to be happy‘. A similar
action or reaction may cause happiness at one time but may not do so at another time.
Since everyone wants to be happy but is unable to find it all the time, the learned men
when approached have given practical or philosophica l definitions for the guidance of