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inputs for the book. A few of these I have included without modifications. These are all
acknowle dge d with grate fulness and include d in the Re fe re nce chapte r
I will derive happiness if the suggestions contained in the book trigger the
readers to view life in a way that makes them, as well as others with whom they interact,
Anand Mehta
26th May 2010
Swami Chinmayanandji said... The tragedy of human history is decreasing
happiness in the midst of increasing comforts.
How to be happy and contented in life? Can we find happiness when there is so
much poverty, illness, death and destruction in this world, so much evil, murders, rapes
and hatred. One is usually advised to not watch TV news or read newspaper if one wants
to live a stress free life. But can we avoid these? Day in and day out we have to face
personal problems, family concerns, job related disappointments, unjust society and
nation wide corrupt environment. We just can't run away and hide. Within ourselves there
are conflicts and emotional experiences, (both positive and negative) anger, hatred,
jealousy, sadness, resentment, love, elation, excitement and so on.
Among all this confusion and chaos, we are often advised to remember that life
on earth is a temporary existence. Yes one fact that no one can deny is death. Death is the
only thing in life that is guaranteed. No one is going to live forever. Life is a journey we
all take, for some it is short, for others long, but ultimately it is a journey that will one
day come to an end. What happens after that can also be debated and discussed, but not
the reality of death. But as long as it lasts we have to face the ups and downs in life. So