Discovery of Happiness HTML version

or simply humming or singing, OR thinking some fantastic experience we had, a joke we
have read, OR meeting after a long time a person we like , OR imagining a beautiful
natural site that we may have visited, OR a recent success like winning an award,
publishing a story in the newspaper, or a complement given by somebody to us or our
family member. Whenever you feel down, just think of these happiness shifters and start
reliving those happy moments.
It has also been suggested that we should have written down happy experiences
in short, something like the revision chit that many of us prepared for examinations.
These could even be jokes, part of joyful songs, episodes of comic serials and so on.
They should be kept in our small diary or purse that we always carry. Whenever we get in
a negative mood we can glance at these and just get away from the current unhappy
situation for a few moments. They may even give us an inspiration to remove the cause
of unhappiness to some extent.
While this may sound as escaping the reality or fear of failure, it is primarily to
change the mood for the better and return to solve the problem or face the situation with
renewed vigour. Simultaneously one should not brood over bad experiences beyond
learning from them. Sri Sri Ravishanker, the Art of Living Guru, suggests that one should
try to throw away the memory of bad experiences and incidents by realizing that
Nothing is permanent and change is natural
Past incidents have no existence in the present
One has to accept the past and move forward
We have to remember our life‘s objective
Get involved in service to others
Acquire situation-handling capabilities
Contact with saintly people gives us guidance to achieve happiness
For a moment forget everything and enjoy nature or even fantasize
Happiness from Within