Discovery of Happiness HTML version

on houses built by ants to be paid within a specified period after completing the
construction so that those without houses are provided free or subsidised houses.
The ant is fined for failing to comply with POIGA and, having nothing left to pay
the fines, his home is confiscated by the Government and handed over to the grasshopper
by a Minister in a ceremony covered by Local TV Channels. Thus a lazy grasshopper is
made HAPPY. The ant is driven to commit suic ide ending its short-lived HAPPINESS.
FAST Lifestyle
Today we are all very busy people so even happiness has to be of instant variety!
No city dweller lights a chulha these days. People don't even have time to light
gas stove anymore. It takes just too long to heat up a meal. It takes just too much
patience. I'm hungry now, not 40 minutes from now. That's why God gave us microwave
ovens. Just pop the food in and whirr –BEEP- out it comes, nicely warmed for immediate
consumption. That's how I want my happiness – tasty, warm and right now!
Take another example. We want to get the latest sensex figures (the current craze
for getting rich instantly) through Internet connection. Five seconds pass, and still no site
response. Our instant gratif ication cells have been offended. We surf to another site. We
switch on our mobile and send SMS to a number and the response is instantaneous. We
are now happy.
We want the happiness to be like television. If we don't get instant gratification,
we should be able to change channels with a zap. After all we have more than 100
channels in the TV. Remember the olden days when we had to get up from the couch to
change channels? That took such a monumental effort that most people sat through whole
television shows without changing channe ls. Of course, that might have been because
there were no other channels. Now we flip through 100+ channels, which keeps us busy
while wishing for something worth watching. Thanks to the remote control we can flip
channels at a relaxed pace of 15 to 20 per minute without even breaking into a sweat.
Imagine our life without a remote!
Unfortunately happiness is neither like a microwave oven nor like the
Television/Internet video. Happiness does not run on the instant gratification system. We