Discovery of Happiness HTML version

The world is not unduly concerned about our dreams. Everything else is looked
from the perspective of an individual or a group whose aims may have nothing in
common with us. Our boss wants us to do his bidding. The employer wants to take all he
can from us, for as long as he can, to make his organisation stronger and more powerful.
We alone are responsible for our hopes and fears. It is for us to nurture our potential in
the direction we desire. We have the power to attract the events for us to achieve what we
like and will bring us happiness. For this we have to first ASK; ask not anybody but
ourselves. The rest of the universe can know about it through our thoughts and feelings.
There should be no doubt in our mind about what will make us happy and satisfied. Jack
Canfields says that most of us have never allowed ourselves to want what we truly want,
simply because we are not clear how we will get it. Next we should have BELIEF in
ourselves that we will get it. We will be guided about how to get it by suitable thoughts
once we are confident that we will get it. This confidence is another name for FAITH.
Sincerely think about how and what you want and you will see that you are creating your
own future.
Unfortunately we have become used to getting all our needs through others‘
efforts. Every politic ian, every employer, every religious leader and every crusader gets
his position, power and authority from the group they lead. And so their concern is for
the good of the group and not about the desire for happy living of the individua l or the
real good of the world. The present world environment is not harmonious but hurts many
and is also harmful for most of us in the long run. It is so artific ial and laughable that for
the sake of a few minutes of public ity every one tries to find his concept of achievements
of his life and thus be ‗happy‘. It rewards those who do not make an effort to improve
their future and brings suffering to those who plan for their happy life.
Unjust me dia
The situation is well described in the following satire that is a modified version
of an article I happen to read on Internet. Direct or indirect reference to familiar names
has been made just to highlight the sad reality about the unjust attitude of our modern
media influenced society, with a touch of humour.
―The Story of ANT and GRASSHOPPER‖