Discovery of Happiness HTML version

earn more money but work harder, sleep less and thus be more effective to keep up with
these developments. This is what people across the world are doing now in an attempt to
get ahead in the „rat-race’.
There is so much suffering in this world; many people don't seem to be as happy
as they'd like to be. Those who don't have enough are struggling just to survive, while
those who have all the comforts of life may find themse lves becoming self-absorbed,
spoiled, or worried about losing what they have. Many people are living frantic lives,
with little time available for simpler pleasures, such as appreciating the beauty of nature,
sharing blessed moments with loved ones, or quietly enjoying the peaceful throb of being
The main finding of well-be ing studies, however, has been people's remarkable
ability to adapt, even to extreme changes such as war or bereavement. Happiness and
unhappiness seem to become neutralised over time. In turn, this is linked to people's
aspirations – pleasure or pain is evaluated against one's hopes and dreams. –
Large multitudes are rushing through c ities and towns around the globe , getting
themselves in a ll kinds of messes. Some are trying to dig the ir way out of financ ial debt
(now with the globa l financia l crisis even the governments are involved in finding
solutions to the huge losses and debt of private companies), while others are making
arrangements for a marriage or a divorce - or perhaps a second or third marriage or
divorce. Parents are speeding home from work so they can get the kids to the coaching
or dance class on time, and perhaps picking up some bags of fast food on the way home.
Many find themselves barely making it through each day in time to get a few hours of
sleep before getting up to do it a ll again. With so much to do, who has time to find out
what real happiness is? You do not become happier just by working harder. Nor by being
a smart worker because with better performance you are bound to join a more
competitive race. As the quote says, 'Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat'.
World is Se ldom Fair