Discovery of Happiness HTML version

15. I feel happy when I accomplish something or move past a fear.
16. I feel happy when somebody smiles at me ... and if a stranger does it ... I feel
overwhelmed with love.
17. I feel happy when someone tells me I am beautiful /smart. (Even when I don't feel or
look it!)
18. I feel happy when I listen to music.
19. I feel happy when someone laughs with me.
20. I feel happy when another person has the same problem as I do (and neither of us can
find a solution!)
21. I feel happy when someone says thank you.
22. I feel happy when someone thinks that my voice and what I have to say is valuable
and important.
(Partly based on a submission in 2004 by ‗Aquarian‘ in
We are built to conque r e nvironme nt, solve proble ms, achieve goals, and we
find no re al satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conque r and goals
to achieve.
As we realize all the time, life is becoming faster day-by-day. Even when we
sleep somewhere across the globe developments are taking place that will affect our life.
Marketing personne l are devising new means to impress upon us to buy items that we
really do not need or partic ipate in activities that eventually will not give us the happiness
that we wanted. Al that they want is to make us spend money so we have to work harder
to earn more money for these so-called ‗happiness-giving experiences‘. The demands
would naturally also come from our family members.
So when we wake up we find new things, new theories, new statistics and new
requirements that we are prompted or even forced against our will to play catch up. And
each day in our life becomes more and more complex. To meet new demands we try to